English O-words

(An attempt to be helpful from the O-Net in October 1995.) I would like to know the best English word describing the distance between two controls in an o-course. In Norwegian this word is called strekk, and some English suggestions are route, lap, leg, stretch and trek. I hope anyone can tell me the right word to use. Thanks for any replies! Oystein Bjorke


A Tribute to the Microscope Spill Chucker

I’ve bought another PC, which brings with it a new spell checker. This one does the spell checking as you type, and also tries to outguess you on the grammar front. It thoughtfully suggested that I should replace FROLICS is LOK's main claim to fame with either FROLICS are LOK's main claim or A FROLIC is LOK's main claim in my chairman’s article. Nice try but no banana. I then let it loose on my list of maps. Some of you may recognise some of the following.