Yvette Hague

The Agony of the Long Distance World Championships Spectator

(Reproduced from Lokation 124, August 1999) I started orienteering in 1977, swept up by the membership rush following the World Championships in Scotland in 1976. One year later, in October 1978, the front cover of The Orienteer showed “Yvette Hague, Reading OC, just after finishing first in D12 in the Swiss 5-Day event”. Twenty-one years later a new photo is needed, with a new caption: “Yvette Hague, Great Britain, just after becoming Short Distance World Champion”. This must surely be one of the most popular World Championships victories ever, but it has been a long time coming.


WOC 1993 Classic Race

For the classic race at WOC93 in the United States, Simon Errington and Frank Martindale volunteered to man a control. So now read the story of the race from inside the forest. (Reproduced from Lokation 92, November 1993)