Tall Stories

(From an O-Net article I wrote in November 1995.)

Anyway, here are a couple of moments from LOK folk-lore. I promise you they are both true (he would say that wouldn’t he)

1) The British Championships for 1990 were held near Sheffield, about 250km north of London. A certain person drove to the event, and arrived to find there were no signs up. He then realised he had come one week too early. He drove home, and then went back the following week. The mistake on its own is bad enough, but we never understood why he told anyone about it.

2) The area around Bordeaux in France is known for its sand dune areas on the Atlantic coast. At one event the cartographer had got a bit carried away, and drew a blue border all around the mapped area. A certain LOK orienteer got a little lost and decided to relocate by running until he hit the “sea” at the edge of the map. Unfortunately he decided to set off east. The first sea you come to by running east from Bordeaux is the Adriatic, after about 1000km.