World Orienteering Championships 2018 : Riga and Sigulda, Latvia

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Date Race Times GB Runners (Start Times BST) Reports
Sat 4th Aug Sprint Qualifier
Maps Men A Men B Men C
Women A Women B Women C
EEST: 09.00 - 11.30
BST: 07:00 - 09.30
Megan Carter-Davies 3rd (A): 12:14
Charlotte Ward 11th (C) 13:33
Alice Leake 5th (B) 12:35
Kris Jones 4th (A): 11:55
Chris Smithard 8th (C) 12:08
Peter Hodkinson 13th (B): 11:40
Sat 4th Aug Sprint Final
Results Men Women
Maps Men Women
EEST: 14.50 - 17.00
BST: 12.50 - 17.00
Alice Leake 8th
Charlotte Ward 24th
Megan Carter-Davies 28th
Kris Jones 10th
Peter Hodkinson 29th
Chris Smithard 35th
WOC 2018 Shorts Day 1
OTRL Report
BOF News
Sun 5th Aug Sprint Relay
Maps Lap 1 Lap 2
Lap3 Lap 4
EEST: 16.50 - 18.00
BST: 14.50 - 16.00
Great Britain 7th (Charlotte Ward, Kris Jones, Peter Hodkinson, Megan Carter-Davies) WOC 2018 Shorts Day 2
OTRL Report
BOF News
Tue 7th Aug Middle
Results Men Women
Maps Men Women
EEST: 11.50 - 17.20
BST: 09.50 - 15.20
Megan Carter-Davies 20th
Cat Taylor 26th
Charlotte Watson 53rd
Ralph Street 13th
Ali McLeod 52nd
WOC 2018 Shorts Day 3
OTRL Report - Men
OTRL Report- Women
Thu 9th Aug Relay
Results Men Women
Maps Men Women
EEST: 14.20 - 18.00
BST: 12.20 - 16.00
Women mp
Jo Shepherd, Megan Carter-Davies, Cat Taylor
Men 6th
Peter Hodkinson, Kris Jones, Ralph Street
OTRL Report
BOF Report
Sat 11th Aug Long
Results Men Women
Maps Men Women
EEST: 11.00 - 18.00
BST: 09.00 - 16.00
Jess Tullie 25th
Charlotte Watson 28th
Jo Shepherd 31st
Alan Cherry 26th
Hector Haines 32nd

Follow the action

Simon and James Errington will be in Latvia reporting the action each day.

WOC History

You can see results of every WOC and JWOC in the Maprunner Database. Some suggested places to start: